2019 Merchants

Craft Merchants

Spellwinderz - Witchy Goods

Dark Cresent Studio - Clay Statues & Misc. Crafts

Shell’s Wood - Handmade Wooden Toys

Midgard Farms- Honey,Beekeeping Supplies, Mead Kits

Perfect Occasion Costumes & Magic - Costuming Supplies

Runic Ashes - Rune & Tarot Reading

Piper’s Pottery - Pottery

An All Spiritual Place - Clothing

Minotaurs Labyrinth of Leather - Leather Goods

Helaman’s Warriors - Kids Boffer Arena

Mixed Up Metal Maddness - Jewelry

Wildcrafted Aromatics - Candles

The Crown Jewels - Jewelry

Enchanted Fowlk Life - Trolls n Things

Broken Smile Farm - Pony Rides and Petting Zoo

The Rusty Cauldron - Baskets & Home Goods

Swendsen Wood Shoppe - Woodwork and Pottery

Janet Lockhart - Chainmaille Jewelry

Koll's Productions - Viking Goods

Enchantments - Misc.

Aura of Spring - Plant Essences, Soaps

Shield Craft Emporium - Shields

Kestril Clay - Handmade Pottery

Teaghlach Designs - McVierh Forge

Netta's Homemade Fruit Jams & Wine Jellys

The Silver Dragon - Handmade Jewelry

A Touch of Glass... And Then Some - Stained Glass

Athena's Gems - Jewelry

Tangled Earth Arts - Jewelry

AZ Stained Glass LLC - Stained Glass

With Luv by Julz - Crochet

Rose Link - Chainmaille

Helaman's Warriors - Boffer Arena

Campbell Leather Goods - Leather Goods

Food Merchants

Little Red Food Truck 

Babcia’s Lunchbox

The Bus Stop

Freddie’s Fabulous Franks


2019 Entertainment

Captain John Stout

Find Captain John Stout, Harper Kirk and Matt Boser playing throughout the day in the Merchant Hall

Harper Kirk


Matt Boser


Broken Smile Farm


New this year! Petting zoo and pony rides.


The North East Ohio Vikings

Ulfhedinn Vikings


Performing three times a day, come see their full combat fighting!

Merchant Inquiry

To be considered for a 2019 merchant space please fill out the form below: *Please note handcrafted items will be considered first. We are currently full for Tarot/Runes, Jewelry, Pottery & Stained Glass!